Chinchilla Coat

“She gon’ be rockin’ chinchilla coats, if I let you go
Hit in the house off the coast, if I let you go
She gon’ take everything I own, if I let you go
I can’t let you go, damn, if I let you go…”

These were the lines of one of my favorite songs. It mentioned about a chinchilla coat. To be honest I have not heard of that word before. I listened to the song without paying attention to that line. However, I heard another song that used the same term, chinchilla coat. So I decided to google it. Well…well…well. Guess what I found out. It is an animal.

Chinchilla is a nocturnal animal. It looks like a big rat, or a rabbit. Chinchillas are more robust than squirrels. Its name means “little Chincha” taken from the name of Chincha, the people in Andes mountain. These animals are well known because of their extremely soft fur. Each hair follicle of this animal has more than 60 sprouting hairs! Chinchilla’s fur is one of the most beautiful furs in the world and it is highly resistant to breakage.
Chinchilla’s fur is not just desirable but it is also affordable. In the world of fashion and fur, chinchillas are gold. They promised a very soft fur to a unique designer. However, to make one fur coat, it takes at least 100 pelts.I cannot imagine how many animals will die just to make this beautiful coat. No wonder why PETA is very aggressive towards their campaign against cruel animal treatment.



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