What is Beer Belly?

You may have heard the word “beer belly” so many times or know people (mostly men) that suffer from having it. Beer belly is a big wobbly belly attributed to the consumption of beer. But is it true?

A bottle of beer contains 150 calories. One bottle of beer every night adds up to 1,050 calories every week. But hold on a second, other people who drink beer almost everyday are not suffering from beer belly, and why mostly men suffer beer belly even if there are women who drink beer too but not showing a beer belly?

When we drink, it will make us hungry and usually will make us eat a lot. It is the excess calorie in our body that causes accumulation of fats in our abdominal area that leads to beer belly. Women gain fats mostly in their hips and thigh areas, on the other hand, men tend to gain fats in their abdomen. I am not saying that drinking beer is bad at all. Even though beer is not the main reason why other people have beer bellies, it is still disadvantageous to your health.

Beer is not really the culprit for having a beer belly. Other factors that may cause beer belly that you need to watch out for are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and liver diseases.


If you are one of those who suffered beer belly you may be happy to know that there are many simple ways to get rid of that wobbly belly without spending money. Just follow these simple exercise at your own pace and convenience.

1. Thigh and Chest

The first thing to do is to burn fats from big muscles in our body – thigh and chest. Do a squat then push-up routine for 10-20 counts each, two to three rounds per session. Increasing the counting and number of rounds as your body gets used to it.

2. Cardio exercise

It is vital to strengthen our heart muscles to maintain proper blood circulation.

Run or jog for 15-30 minutes everyday. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluid before, during, and after the session.

3. Abdominal exercise

This is the crucial part since our abs needs to be tightened to get rid of that beer belly. Do curl-ups 15-20 times per day, increasing the number as soon as your body gets used to it. Please do not overdo it to prevent serious abdominal pains.


Remember that overeating or too much calories in our body leads to beer belly. So exercise together with proper diet is the key to a healthy body.

  • Eat fiber-rich food
  • Limit intake of sweets such as softdrinks
  • Eat nutritious food, not necessarily expensive
  • Limit carbohydrates

Social Gatherings

If you love to hang out with friends and drinking is your bonding session, here are some tips for your drinking session:

–         For alcohol punch, use fruit juice to counterbalance the effect of alcohol in your body

–         Eat plenty before you drink so that alcohol wont hit your system at once

–         Avoid salty snacks that makes you thirsty

–         Sip your drink slowly instead of guzzling it down

–         Dilute your drink with soda

–         Add ice cubes to keep it chilly and light

–         Alcohol is diuretic (elevates the rate of urination) so prevent dehydration by drinking more water after every glass of alcohol

Beer belly can be shameful, even if we love to drink, if we make our life balance we can still maintain a high self-esteem and continue to live a healthy life style.


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