Chinchilla Coat

“She gon’ be rockin’ chinchilla coats, if I let you go
Hit in the house off the coast, if I let you go
She gon’ take everything I own, if I let you go
I can’t let you go, damn, if I let you go…”

These were the lines of one of my favorite songs. It mentioned about a chinchilla coat. To be honest I have not heard of that word before. I listened to the song without paying attention to that line. However, I heard another song that used the same term, chinchilla coat. So I decided to google it. Well…well…well. Guess what I found out. It is an animal.

Chinchilla is a nocturnal animal. It looks like a big rat, or a rabbit. Chinchillas are more robust than squirrels. Its name means “little Chincha” taken from the name of Chincha, the people in Andes mountain. These animals are well known because of their extremely soft fur. Each hair follicle of this animal has more than 60 sprouting hairs! Chinchilla’s fur is one of the most beautiful furs in the world and it is highly resistant to breakage.
Chinchilla’s fur is not just desirable but it is also affordable. In the world of fashion and fur, chinchillas are gold. They promised a very soft fur to a unique designer. However, to make one fur coat, it takes at least 100 pelts.I cannot imagine how many animals will die just to make this beautiful coat. No wonder why PETA is very aggressive towards their campaign against cruel animal treatment.


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Tips: Nail Care

When someone says that he or she wants to see your nails, what do you usually do? Do you hide your hands at your back? 

Our nails are very important. We need to keep it clean and trimmed all the time. Some animals have claws, but few other mammals and most primates have nails. It covers the terminal part of the phalanges of our toes and fingers. Our nail is made of keratin, a tough and insoluble protein. The same material can be found in our outer skin.

The nail parts include the matrix, the tissue where nail rests. This is where the nerves and blood vessels run. The matrix produces the cells that become the nail plate. Nail plate or the body, is the section where we usually put the polish on. Lunula is the whitish half moon. Nail bed is the skin covered by the nail plate. The digital edge is the margin that we used to trim, cut, or use to scratch an itchy part of our body. Cuticle is dead skin that often be removed during manicure.
A perfect nail shape together with a well-selected polish adds beauty to our hands and feet. You may or may not color your nail. As long as it is neatly cut and trimmed. It is ideal to cut or trim our nails after bath while the nail is still soft. You decide what shape you want it to be, whether rounded or square. Pointed nails are prone to breakage. Use a sharp cutter to cut it and buff it thereafter. Buffing improves blood circulation that will boost the growth of our nails. Just a reminder: Do not bite your nails.

It is a good habit to put oil into your nails anytime to prevent it from getting dry. Massage your nails from time to time for efficient blood circulation. A healthy nail never breaks. If you could hardly bend your nails, it is not good. That means your nail is too dry and the blood supply is not enough. Other people rub their nails with garlic cloves. It makes nail stronger and healthier. Drink plenty of water everyday. It will hydrate your body as well as your nails.

Our nails are very essential and beneficial for our body. Let us keep it trimmed and well-shaped all the time. So next time when someone says that they want to see your fingers, what will you do? Well, if you got it, flaunt it!


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Hello world!

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